reVOLT set up this website to inform local residents about the proposed industrial wind farm at Temple Hill in Loveden, Lincolnshire. This planning application was refused by SKDC in March 2015 and on 10th July RWE confirmed that it would not appeal and would not progress with plans to develop the Temple Hill wind farm.

THANK YOU for your interest and support during the 3 and a half years that this battle took. We are retaining this website and the info about the Temple Hill wind farm proposal for the time being.


We are saddened to learn that another wind farm developer has now submited a planning application for a 10 x 110m turbine wind farm a mere mile or two from Temple Hill at Fulbeck Airfield – this application can be viewed on SKDC’s website here.

The application (S15/1764) could be decided within weeks. The government recently made it clear that wind farms should only be approved where they have the support of the community. It is therefore essential that local people make their views known by sending an objection to SKDC by letter, email or via the online planning portal. Making your objection known is quick and straightforward – please see our how to object page for more info.

Photo montage produced by VETO campaign to show impact of Fulbeck Airfield wind farm

Photo montage produced by VETO campaign to show impact of Fulbeck Airfield wind farm



The planning application reference S13/2699 is viewable here together with reVOLT’s detailed technical rebuttal, an update to which is here: Update to reVOLT Objection – Feb 2015.

There are a lot of files on the website, some with very large file sizes, so this index may help you find what you’re looking for: INDEX OF TEMPLE HILL WIND FARM PLANNING APPLICATION FILES. reVOLT has put together an easily downloadable presentation of the visualisations RWE submitted with its planning application so that you can see what the wind farm might look like from various viewpoints: RWE Montages in Powerpoint

Please contact reVOLT if you would like to know more about the proposal or would like any assistance in formulating an effective objection.

You can find out about the project in detail, how to object, some of the issues relating to wind farms, and how to get involved as well as keeping updated with relevant news and links. You can also find out about other applications for wind energy developments in the area, especially the proposal for a 13 turbine wind farm a few miles from Temple Hill at Fulbeck Airfield.

Temple Hill – Grange Lane now – rural & peaceful:

Temple Hill – Grange Lane with RWE’s wind farm – industrial & blighted: