Other local turbines

It seems as though our area has become a bit of a magnet for wind developers – please see our where next? section. The following details just relate to wind turbine applications within a few miles of Temple Hill.

  • FULBECK AIRFIELD WIND FARM: An application is expected imminently for a 10 turbine (originally 13) wind farm at Fulbeck Airfield just a few miles down the road. VETO is opposing this proposal – many more details on their website

There are also the existing wind turbines at Frinkley Farm, Pasture Farm (near Down Town) and at Green Lane Marston (near the A1). Wind turbine applications have been refused at Carlton Scroop and Foston. And only slightly further afield …

  • A planning application has been submitted for a 6 turbine wind farm at Sewstern Lane near Long Bennington. This is on exactly the same site as a previously refused proposal, then known as Thackson’s Well. BLOT will be opposing this application.