This is a digest of relevant news stories relating to wind farms, single wind turbines and wind energy in general:

March 2015

Links to coverage of SKDC’s refusal of the Temple Hill wind farm on 17th March on BBC News, in the Grantham Journal and on Grantham Matters. The story also featured on BBC East Midlands Today – viewable on iPlayer starting at 2 mins 45 seconds.

February 2015

Friends Against Wind: Three decades of wind industry deception – who knew what when about wind turbine noise and its impacts on those living nearby.

January 2015 Not enough predictable power in wind

Telegraph: Electricity demands hit highest this winter as wind power slumps to its lowest

The Times: Labour plots huge wind turbine increase (The Times is subscription only but the first paragraph will give you the gist … it goes on to quote Mike Parker, the head of onshore wind at RWE, saying that he had found “very strong support for onshore wind in one-to-one conversations” with key Labour and Liberal Democrat figures.)

Windpower Monthly: RWE slashes renewables investment

The Scotsman: Renewables drain our resources

Telegraph: Wind farms paid £1m per week to switch off

Belfast Telegraph: Massive wind turbine collapses in Co. Tyrone

December 2014

BBC: David Cameron says people are fed up with onshore wind farms

Western Morning News: Community action triggers government review of wind farm noise

November 2014

Telegraph: Noisy wind farms face ban as ministers launch review into annoying sound levels

Daily Mail: Chairman of National Trust accuses arrogant political class of ruining countryside

October 2014

Adam Smith Institute: New report shows inefficiency of wind energy

Halesowen News: wind turbine blade smashes into garden. This one was just 4ft long – imagine what might happen if a 40m blade such as the ones proposed at Temple Hill came detached?

Stop These Things: Ontario Council includes infrasound in wind farm noise law

Royal Society of Medicine: Diagnostic criteria for adverse health effects in environs of wind turbines

September 2014

Renewable Energy Foundation: Ed Davey confirms that 2020 onshore wind targets have already been met

Daily Mail: The Scandal of UK’s death trap wind turbines

August 2014

Wind Action: new study highlights impact of wind turbines on bats over a wide area

Breibart: Twelve useless wind turbines

Express: An ill wind blows – fears of silent danger to our health

July 2014

YouTube: Dangers of wind turbines to light aircraft

The Lincolnite: Secretary of State intervenes over Hemswell Cliff turbines

Telegraph: Wind turbine fires ten times more common than thought

June 2014

Independent: Wind farm approval rate drops to all-time low

Telegraph: E.On boss says stop feeding the renewable energy beast – and that the only ones wanting to block to the debate are those who want to harvest the subsidies without accountability.

May 2014

Irish Times: Conference warned that health effects of wind turbines should be taken seriously.

Grantham Journal: Theft of reVOLT banners ‘undemocratic’

Telegraph (and Times and Daily Mail): Government’s Climate Change advisers says that wind energy targets have been met

Connexion France: Copper thieves take metal from wind turbines across France

Telegraph: True scale of wind industry revealed as number of turbines reaches 30000

Guardian: Sharp rise in percentage of onshore wind farms being rejected

Nottingham Post: Appeal court blows away wind turbine permission. This case sets signficant legal precedent for renewable energy developments on green belt land.

Renewable Energy Foundation: report shows that the UK has already hit its green energy targets and therefore all projects within the planning system are surplus to requirements.

April 2014

Wind turbines can be hazardous to human health – Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory

British Medical Journal letter: Evidence of impact of wind turbines on animals: “In conclusion it is possible in humans wind farm illnesses could be psychogenic. In animals it maybe a bridge too far.”

Telegraph: No more onshore wind farms if Conservatives win 2015 election pledges Michael Fallon.

NEW TOGETHER AGAINST WIND CAMPAIGN – quick, easy and effective way to contact the party leaders about the wind farm folly.

Telegraph: We must cut onshore wind farm subsidies says David Cameron.

Daily Mail: Ed Miliband says we must embrace wind farms.

Eric Pickles to extend wind  farm appeal recoveries for a further 12 months: the official announcementRenewablesUK’s downbeat response and the story in The Telegraph.

Spectator: Why can’t country views be protected from wind farms?

Yorkshire Post: Tories say wind farms are best offshore

SKDC rockets into top 10 rural places to live and has equal lowest CO2 per person in the UK!

Telegraph: David Cameron could make manifesto pledge to get rid of wind farms.

January 2014

Daily Mail: Proof that wind farms slash home values by 11% within 1.2 miles – LSE study

Daily Mail: Not in my back yard! Green energy MP fights turbine plans in his Suffolk constituency

Guardian: RWE halves its investment in renewables

Telegraph: Number of planned onshore wind farms rises by two-thirds despite PM’s pledges to the contrary

Times: Wind farm subsidies are in top band – higher in UK than other countries

Telegraph: Factories could be paid to use wind power at night to reduce ‘constraint payments’ currently paid to wind farms to turn off when power isn’t needed.

Telegraph: Europe wants to block UK wind farm subsidies

Telegraph: Wind farm test case could see 100s of turbines near historic sites

Daily Mail: Wind farm blight is industrialising our countryside

December 2013

Daily Mail: Wind farms slash up to a third off value of nearby homes or, in the case of one resident living close to Temple Hill, means you can’t sell your home at all.

WAUBRA Foundation: Wind farm noise: the sacrifice of the rural minorities

Telegraph: Councils wasting millions on ineffective wind turbines

Telegraph: Lobby group influenced government wind farm noise report

November 2013

Telegraph: French couple win legal battle to take down wind farm spoiling their view. Importantly, this article also debunks the myth that wind farms have no impact on tourism: “In August, a French court banned a local council from erecting turbines near the Mont Saint Michel abbey island after Unesco warned they could cost France’s most visited provincial tourist site its World Heritage status.”

Telegraph blogs:  They are quick to collect it but slow to spend it – scandal of energy companies’ green tax bonanza

Western Morning News: Pickles effect starting to curb plans for wind farms in Devon & Cornwall.

Newark Advertiser: Orston wind turbine plan rejected in part due to the impact of this 74m moving structure on views from Belvoir Castle. What impact might 5 x 126.5m turbines have then?!

Daily Mail: Ed Davey says Lord Deben’s green links aren’t a conflict of interest despite being Chairman of the Climate Change Committee.

October 2013

The Lincolnite: Unanimous rejection of plans for a wind farm at Hemswell Cliff. Well done to our fellow campaigners fighting an RWE wind farm!

Telegraph: Wind farms knock 8% off average home value property experts reveal.

Telegraph: Nuclear power station will avoid blight of 30,000 wind turbines says minister.

Daily Mail: Greg Barker says we put wind farms in the wrong places and future developments should be offshore.

Financial Review (Australia): Report shows wind farms impact values of rural Australian farms by up to 60%

Telegraph: Wind farms are green vandalism driven by greed. The story from our neighbours in Orston.

BBC Scotland: Wind farm gravy train criticised by conservatives and Telegraph: Wind farm subsidies generate £900m for Britain’s Big 6 energy suppliers.

Daily Mail: Move to curb wind farms as Eric Pickles announced new measures to make sure community concerns about the visual and environmental impact must be taken into account.

Telegraph: Number of planned new onshore wind farms has doubled since 2011 but Conservative ministers have a four-pronged plan to halt the march

Quixote’s Last Stand: French wind farm ordered to demolish 10 turbines and pay compensation. Vive la revolution!

Shetland News: Whimbrels help get planning consent withdrawn for huge wind farm in Shetland.

September 2013

Master Resource: Windfarm mortality – environmental disinformation & eco-damage. This article shows that wind farms attract birds and bats from miles around thus acting as population sinks.

STV News: Wind farm refused planning permission over community impact

New York Magazine: “Never Stops, Never Stops. Headache. Help.” Can wind turbines make you sick? or crazy?

Yorkshire Post: Turbines putting tourism industry at risk

Telegraph: DECC tried to derail local wind farm veto

The Journal: Visitors put off returning to Northumberland by prospect of more wind turbines

London 24: London Mayor Boris Johnson attacks wind farms and calls them “colossal seaside toys plonked erratically across our ancient landscape; the endless parade of waving white-armed old lunatics, gesticulating feebly at each other across the fields and the glens.”

Telegraph: Opponents of wind farms are living in the “Stone Age”, Ed Davey has said, as he declared war on Tory Cabinet colleagues over turbines.

Telegraph: Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils.

Westminster Hall debate on the Climate Change Act on 10th Sept 2013 contained some interesting exchanges including: David T. C. Davies “he has said that by 2020 around 23% of household electricity bills will be as a result of climate change policy, another of his answers suggests that every person in the country will be paying between £4,700 and £5,300 a year towards the Government’s climate change policies.” David Mowat “Germany’s global carbon emissions are 20% higher per capita and per unit of GDP than ours”. Sammy Wilson: “Taking DECC’s own figures on the impact of climate change policies on business electricity bills, bills will be up by 22% this year, 46% by 2020 and 66% by 2030. Domestic consumers’ electricity bills are up by 17% this year, and they will go up by 33% by 2020 and 41% by 2030. Actually, all the studies show that, for every green job, 2.2 jobs are lost in other sectors of the economy. Every green job created in Europe—this was in a European study—costs about €600,000, which is far more than jobs in other sectors.”

BBC News – Temple Hill wind farm firm RWE ‘poor over communication’.

The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) has applied to erect a 100m wind turbine at its HQ. If you’d like to object you can do so here. If you’d like to cancel your membership of the RSPB as a result, you can do so here.

Telegraph: Wind turbine destroyed by wind!

TOO CLOSE – video introducing the families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, flicker and adverse health effects of an industrial wind farm.

Scientific Alliance – Intermittency of UK wind power generation in 2011 and 2012 – over the 2 year period the combined output of all the wind turbines was less than 5% of their rated capacity for 50 days and less than 10% of their rated capacity for nearly 132 days.

August 2013

Independent: UN ruling puts future of wind farms in Britain in jeopardy – UK govt policy flouts Article 7 of Aarhus Convention.

Telegraph: Drax set to help keep the lights on – the chief executive of Britain’s largest power station said that people were only now starting to appreciate the problem that wind farms pose.

Telegraph: The wind farms that generate enough energy to make a few cups of tea and the RWE website that gives real time info on the output of its windfarms.

James Delingole: Wind turbines are an iniquitous assault on property rights and landowners putting turbines on their land should be ostracised.

Telegraph: Secret report into wind farm house price blightOwen Patterson says wind farm report will be published despite DECC’s report attempts to block it: Ministers at war over secret wind farm evidence

Telegraph: Planning inspectorate accused of favouring wind farms and ignoring latest planning guidance as 9 out of 14 appeals granted

This is Money: Plans to build more wind farms are deluded according to Legal & General Chief Exec

Telegraph: Communities are still powerless to stop wind farms

Telegraph: PM says there’s no room for wind farms (but plenty for fracking): “There’s a limited potential for onshore wind,” Mr Cameron said. “Frankly, we’ve got some in the UK – I don’t think we’re going to have a huge amount more. We’ve just changed the rules, we’ve cut the subsidies and we’ve said that any schemes that go ahead have to give more benefit to local communities. So I wouldn’t expect to see a lot more wind power onshore in the UK.” Let’s make sure we hold him to these words!

Telegraph: We could soon be paying billions for wind back-up

Daily Mail: £1bn wind farm that has snubbed British workers opened by Nick Clegg.

Telegraph: Nick Boles stripped of wind farm role because brother works for turbine firm. Oh yes, and what about other leading politicians’ family connections to the wind industry?

July 2013

Birdwatch: Wind farm bird deaths more than thought – new research in US suggests bird deaths from wind farm collisions have been underestimated by 30%

Daily Mail:  TV star GRIFF RHYS JONES on his crusade to stop wind farms and solar panels wrecking his favourite landscapes

Daily Liberal: Health risks linked to wind farms

Telegraph: Wind farm ban ruled out by ministers

Telegraph: Green levies on energy bills hit poor hardest, say MPs

Shocking footage of bats ‘interacting’ with (being killed by) wind turbines. The government and industry keep asking for evidence – look no further!

Daily Mail: The dirty secret of Britain’s power madness: Polluting diesel generators built in secret by foreign companies to kick in when there’s no wind for turbines – and other insane but true eco-scandals

RWE npower breaks ranks to say that the government’s green policies are driving energy bills up. Not so says the government. Who do you believe? Perhaps RWE npower should just pay its tax bills before anything else!

Sunday Telegraph: Wind farm subsidies cut by 25%. Good news or more smoke & mirrors?

Telegraph: Top 10 things that devalue your home. Guess what’s no.4?

Spears: Wind energy lobbyists try to drown out local opposition

Telegraph: Government takes 1m people out of fuel poverty by changing the rules

Times: Consumers ‘may pay for energy in Spain’ to help Britain to meet green targets

Sunday Telegraph: Our lights will stay on but it will cost us a fortune

Daily Mail: Green taxes will push energy bills up to £2,000

Spectator: How the government’s energy policies will benefit a rich sheikh at the expense of the poor

June 2013

Mirror: Horrified birdwatchers see rare white-throated needletail fly into wind turbine

Telegraph: Britain can’t afford to throw money at wind power

Telegraph: Coalition facing back-bench revolt over wind farm subsidies

Telegraph: Wind farms get generous subsidies for another six years

Telegraph: True cost of Britain’s wind farm industry revealed: every wind farm job effectively subsidised by £100,000 per annum.

U-Switch: David Cameron admits that consumers ultimately pay the costs of subsidies for green energy sources

Telegraph: Cameron hints at further cuts to green energy subsidies after questioning the ‘sanity’ of onshore wind farms.

Telegraph: Labour pledges to put green energy target in manifesto that ‘could push up bills’.

Daily Mail: Owen Patterson, Environment Secretary says ‘wind farms are a complete scam and cause huge unhappiness’.

Guardian: Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust, says that the u-turn on wind turbines won’t stop their march over every hill and valley.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP: The beginning of the end of onshore wind development in England? Here’s what the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express and BBC have to say about the announcements on new planning guidance changes in relation to onshore wind development that will give more weight to local communities and increased ‘community funds’ (bribes) for those which choose to accept wind farms. Here is Eric Pickles’ (Dept. of Communities & Local Governments) written ministerial statement and letters to the Planning Inspectorate and local council leaders.

Telegraph: The couple who can’t escape the shadow of wind turbines

Financial Times: UK homes near wind farms ‘could receive 20% off power bills’ – a bribe in all but name, albeit an admission that wind farms do cause adverse effects.

Daily Mail: A dangerously deluded energy policy and why the greens want to hide the truth about soaring energy bills

May 2013

Scottish Daily Mail: Peace at last for family who won court battle to silence turbine

Daily Mail: Why I think we’re wasting billions on global warming, by top British climate scientist

Lord Donoughue’s speech in the House of Lords about the threat of the new Energy Bill.

Renewable Energy Foundation condemns the Institute of Acoustic’s new wind farm noise guidance as being inadequate and increasing the risk of harm to neighbours.

International petition to stop wind farms being built off Normandy D-Day beaches: click here and more information about the plans here.

Harrogate Advertiser: Wind farm firm forced to apologise and withdraw leaflets promoting a scheme near Harrogate after Advertising Standards Authority ruling

Daily Mail: Green energy folly will put £600 on bills

Telegraph: Prince Harry has voiced concerns about the visual impact of wind farms during his US visit.

Telegraph: Former energy minister John Hayes warns South Holland District Council that any precipitous decision about a wind farm would be ‘unsafe’ because the government is about to crack down on unpopular developments.

Halifax Courier: Wind turbine blades 17m long ripped off in high winds – imagine if these were 40m blades from 126.5m turbines like those proposed at Temple Hill!

Telegraph: Scottish wind farms paid £1m to shut down for one day.

Can wind turbines cause developmental deformities in horses? Interesting research in Portugal says maybe …

April 2013

Insurance industry wary of covering farms with wind turbines following court ruling in Canada.

Former energy minister John Hayes’ comments about Lincolnshires ‘big skies’  in support of the FenRATS campaign could be equally applicable to Temple Hill: “Emptiness of the countryside is not a reason to support wind farms. The joy of Fenland is its big skies. When I come home from London I feel liberated by its openness. You can see forever. For me it is spiritual – it’s magical.”

According to DECC’s latest survey only 11% people oppose onshore wind farms – do you think that sounds credible? Vote in this poll on The Telegraph website if not! DECC’s poll uses a ‘representative sample of UK adults’ so it follows that 90% of the respondents would have been urban dwellers (since 90% of the UK population lives in urban areas). However wind farms are not built in or near urban areas, they are built in rural areas. Therefore 90% of respondents were asked about a renewable energy technology which they personally have no experience of and are not in any way impacted by (other than rising fuel bills). Perhaps if DECC conducted a survey using a ‘representative sample of UK adults living in rural areas’ the result might look rather different!

Telegraph: Michael Fallon says that wind farms should not be built against the wishes of local communities in future – is this for real or just pre-local election spin?

Daily Mail: information about the impact of the ‘smart grid‘ that the government is considering to help manage the unpredictability of wind energy

Standpoint: An alternative to our reckless energy gamble: “There is an unexpected parallel between our energy policy and the self-deception and wishful thinking exhibited by the mishandling of intelligence in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.”

Telegraph: Wind turbines ‘could allow enemy jets to sneak into British airspace’.

Spectator: The wind turbine which could ruin Norfolk – highlighting yet another example of a government planning inspector overruling local democracy.

Daily Mail: RWE npower has paid no UK corporation tax for 3 years, and justifies this because of its enormous investments in (heavily subsidised) wind farms! You can tell them what you think of about them being the next Starbucks via this petition.

Renewable Energy Foundation: High Court judgement in RWE vs Milton Keynes case supports wind turbine separation distances.

Australian commissioners confirm evidence of damage to sleep and health from wind turbines.

Launch of The Power Line – a cross-industry lobby group set up to inject logic into the UK energy debate.

Daily Mail: RSPB makes a killing… from windfarm giants behind turbines accused of destroying rare birds

Daily Telegraph: Wind farm developers are facing a dramatic escalation of opposition from dozens of MPs who say they will fight every application in their constituencies

March 2013

Irish Examiner: Families bid to sue wind farm operator over adverse health impacts in landmark case.

‘Bad Science’ behind wind turbine noise regulations – presentation prepared for presentation to DECC.

Sunday Telegraph: It’s payback time for our insane energy policy – “an obsession with CO2 has left us dangerously short of power as coal-powered stations are forced to close” and Too much green energy is bad for Britain – “it’s time for the Coalition to tear up its energy policy before the lights go out.”

REF calls for renewable energy subsidy cuts to offset new ‘Carbon Price Support’ Windfall – a leaked Barclays investor briefing has predicted that wind power investors will get a 40% increase in subsidies because of the new ‘Carbon Price Support’ (or ‘Carbon Price Floor’) that will be introduced in April, and that onshore wind will benefit disproportionately more than offshore. Also see Sunday Telegraph link below for more info.

Sunday Telegraph: Green tax boost for wind farm profits – full extent of profits to be made by wind farms in Britain spelt out for first time

The Global Warming Policy Foundation explains that the government has now abandoned teaching children under 14 about climate change because global warming forecasts are wrong.

Mail on Sunday: The Great Green Con no. 1 – The hard proof that finally shows global warming forecasts that are costing you billions were WRONG all along. Note that “predictions of global warming based on flawed forecasts directly led to Britain’s Climate Change Act”.

Mail on Sunday: The Great Green Con no.2 – note the MPs and Peers at the end of the article “who help shape ‘green’ legislation have personal interests in campaign groups and firms which stand to benefit from such laws” and the comment that “Britain has been impoverishing itself in a lonely quest to cut its CO2 emissions – even though the world’s powerhouse economies, such as China and America, have refused to set any limits.”

Grantham Journal: Politicians unite to in opposing wind farm plans at Temple Hill

An alternative approach to fighting wind farms – civil disobedience

Great news …  A High Court judge has ruled that a planning inspector made a “flawed” decision to give the go-ahead to plans for four 415ft turbines on farmland just a mile from  a Grade I listed National Trust property.

Telegraph: Countryside at war as planning system collapses. Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust, says that “Everywhere you go people are fighting random developments. This can only be tackled by proper planning.” He said wind farms are the most immediate threat, despite failing to offer a reliable source of energy. “There is a major battle taking place almost everywhere on wind turbines. Wind farms are very intrusive forms of renewable energy.”

February 2013

Raptor Politics: Barn owl killed by wind turbine, they said such a thing could not happen

Do you agree with the new Director General of the National Trust that wind turbines are ‘graceful and beautiful‘? James Delingpole and Roger Helmer MEP don’t, and nor do we. So we wrote to Simon Jenkins, the Chairman of the National Trust, who also seemed not to agree and told us:

As I have just been repeating, at our annual Press Conference, there is absolutely no change in the Trust’s position.  We are in favour of renewable energy in principle.  We are strongly opposed to this intrusion on beautiful parts of the country.  We have no wind farms on our land and not a week goes by without our opposing turbines visible from it.  We are currently involved in major battles against farms in the East Midlands and Bristol Channel. We are unequivocal in defending the beauty of the English landscape.

Telegraph: Wind farms will create more CO2 according to new scientific report

Guardian: Wind turbines impact balance and distribution of species

Daily Mail: MPs in the pay of subsidised eco-firms set insane carbon targets and send energy bills rocketing

Telegraph: Heritage sights of ‘national significance’ under threat from wind farms

Daily Mail: Ofgem warns that fuel bills will keep soaring and green targets could result in 70s-style blackouts

Telegraph: Britain ‘on the brink’ of energy crisis, warns regulator

Ed Davey approves 22 turbine wind ‘park’ at Heckington Fen, Lincs

New report from the Adam Smith Institute, the UK’s leading libertarian think tank, shows that wind power is limited, queries the environmental benefits that wind energy can deliver and concludes that the government is over-investing in wind farms.

Telegraph: Wind turbine plans ‘stealing the soul’ of Cumbria

BBC: Wind turbines ‘safe’ despite collapses, says industry – who do you believe?

January 2013

Ooops … some wind turbines have been struggling in the wind! One fell over in Devon, and the blades came off another in County Durham. Luckily no one was hurt.

90% of respondents to Lincs CC survey support the council’s tough stance on wind farms

Another medical journal and ENT doctor concludes that ‘there is ample evidence of symptoms arising in individuals exposed to wind turbine noise’, that ‘there is an increasing body of evidence suggesting that infrasound and low frequency noise have a physiological effects on the ear’ and that the effects require further investigation.

Affordable Energy campaign – 1 million signatures needed to prompt an EU debate

Telegraph: Wind farm contracts will increase family energy bills – damning report from the Public Accounts Committee

Telegraph: The forecast the Met Office hoped you wouldn’t see

Telegraph: Global warming is at a standstill

Mail on Sunday: Global warming stopped 16 years ago

Telegraph: wind farm company targets children to drum up support for more turbines

Stamford & Rutland Mercury: Fellow of Engineering Institutes calls for full facts about wind turbines in a well-argued article which concludes that “It is disturbing to find Government policy still, in defiance of irrefutable evidence freely available from National Grid, pushing ahead with a policy discredited at every level.”

Grantham Journal: Nick Boles is determined to back Lincolnshire County Council on representing local opinion about wind farms and defending our precious environment

Observer: Behind the wind turbine war is a lack of policy and joined-up thinking

Spectator: Wind farms vs wildlife – the shocking environmental cost of renewable energy

Telegraph: Wind farm protesters backed by Planning Minister Nick Boles

Daily Mail: Planners must not ignore local communities who oppose wind farms warns Planning Minister Nick Boles

December 2012


Telegraph: wind turbines wear sooner than expected

Wear and tear hits wind farm output and economic lifetime

Home owners forced to pay £60 for digital television after wind turbines destroyed signal

November 2012

Telegraph: Ed Davey’s Energy Bill statement – the most opaque pile of gobbledygook ever delivered to Parliament

60 residents up-state New York file suit against wind farm operator, claiming the noise is making them ill and forcing them to leave their homes

Heckington Fen wind farm about to be given go-ahead by Ed Davey

Parliamentary debate – Wind turbines (Lincolnshire)

Sunday Times:  The coalition is at war over wind farms.

RWE launches High Court judicial review against Milton Keynes Council’s separation distances

Guardian poll results: 69% of respondents are not prepared to pay more for green energy.

Call to shut down Devon wind farm after tests show above limits noise levels

Wind farms to increase energy bills by £178 a year under new deal

The great British wind scam. Your taxes are making giant turbines less efficient.

South Kesteven Wind Energy Consultation – comment now. reVOLT is urging SKDC to adopt minimum separation distances in its Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), in line with the policy of Lincolnshire County Council and the views of our two local MPs – please see reVOLT press release here.

How much more onshore wind power will be consented in the UK?

“Job done” on onshore wind farms says Energy Minister John Hayes

Will government-sponsored study of wind farm noise stop turbines in the wrong places?

Spread of wind farms threatens the historic Lincolnshire landscape

Wind farm noise DOES harm sleep and health, say scientists.  Wind farm noise causes ‘clear and significant’ damage to people’s sleep and mental health, according to the first full peer-reviewed scientific study of the problem.

Wind power will send our electricity bills sky-high

Unless we find the words to discuss the beauty of our landscape, it will be desecrated by lines of great waving semaphores

On the back foot: Developer drops claim that wind farms don’t hit house prices

Enough is enough: time to let the Prime Minister know

October 2012

Grantham Journal Letter: We should unite to save the countryside

Chris Heaton-Harris – the MP who is spearheading the anti-wind movement at Westminster – has set up an organisation called Together Against Wind, with the aim of changing government policy in this area by combining grassroots and parliamentary campaigns and spreading best practice. You can sign up at his website.

Gravy train of green subsidies to end

‘Soviet style’ wind power subsidies to face the axe

‘I’ve got a message for my old Oxford chum David Cameron’ (video)

For every green job created there are 3.7 jobs lost in the real economy (video)

September 2012

Wind power: inordinately expensive and ineffective at cutting C02 emissions (pdf)

Energy blow as wind power fuels pollution

Response by Gordon Hughes to Guardian piece defending wind power 

Guardian fails to understand why wind farms don’t reduce CO2

Wind farms will not stop global warming, claims minister

Wind farms cure cancer, save kittens, create world peace, says new wind industry report!

Peter Lilley’s critique of the economics of climate change

Investigation claims thousands of people living near wind farms are falling sick

Lying about subsidies?
Either the wind lobby is lying about ‘subsidies’ to fossil fuels or they’re just ignorant

August 2012

Desperation from ‘think tank’ and green energy consultants on wind power
A policy briefing paper written by the Institute for Public Policy Research that tries to defend wind power has been comprehensively demolished within days of its appearance. See here and here and here

Wind farms bring down property values

July 2012

The impact of wind power on household energy bills. A definitive study of the economics of wind power showing why it will never be economical (pdf)

Study shows wind farm developers use trick photography to minimise visual impact

MP calls for study into effects of wind farms on those living nearby

Renewable energy’s incurable scale problem

Wind farm myths are finally nailed


The beginning of the end of wind
Outstanding piece arguing the case against wind power

New video: Europe’s Ill Wind: a 25 minute documentary on the case against wind energy

New video: A 6 minute less objective summary and video compilation of wind farm issues (caution: this contains brief footage of a bird colliding with a turbine blade)

Change of heart from Chairman of RWE

RWE threaten to take Milton Keynes council to court over policy on distance between houses and wind turbines

Wind turbines in Europe do nothing for emissions reduction goals 

More pylons blight the countryside because of wind farms

Australian news story about the experiences of people living near wind farms