Local opinion

reVOLT conducted a door to door opinion poll with all households within 4km of the Temple Hill site, and also conducted an exit poll at the public exhibitions in Stubton.

The opinion poll showed that 92% of local residents who responded oppose the proposed industrial wind farm. Closer to the site in the villages of Brandon and Stubton, opposition is higher still at 98% and 97% respectively.

The reVOLT exhibition exit poll indicated that 95% of attendees oppose the wind farm, with 4% undecided and just 1% in favour.

reVOLT believes that such overwhelming local opposition should give RWE cause to stop and consider whether proceeding with their plans would be well-advised.

However RWE has said that even if local residents and parish councils oppose it and district councils reject it, they will simply sidestep local democracy and appeal to the National Planning Inspectorate.

People opposing wind farms are often pejoratively labelled as NIMBYs – this blog from the Woodland Trust calls NIMBYs ‘the environmental champions of our time’.

Here is a selection of comments made during the polls:

  • This area is already doing its bit with solar in Marston and many smaller turbines.
  • How do we influence the government? This is the only way to change things.
  • As an engineer I know they’re not efficient and they blight people’s lives.
  • An RWE member of staff said the 5 turbines were ‘just to start with’
  • I used the prospect of the wind farm to negotiate a discount on the purchase of a house nearby.
  • It will not only destroy the landscape of one of England’s few remaining rural areas but will create havoc on local roads as HGVs use local roads for site access.
  • Ill considered developments that are of no benefit to the local community.
  • This is a carbuncle on the landscape and should not be allowed.
  • Too big, too close and too many!
  • Lincolnshire is probably already contributing more than its fair share of green energy.
  • I support green energy, but I feel legislation and grants would be better directed to more efficient/less intrusive means of production.
  • The only ones to benefit are a selfish few to the detriment of many.
  • Detrimental to health and well-being.
  • I went to RWE’s exhibition undecided and came out infuriated by the totally misleading photo montages – do they think we’re fools?
  • Wind power is a massive con!
  • Definitely NOT “highly sympathetic to the local area” as stated in RWE’s letter to residents.
  • I’m trying to sell my house and have had no viewings since the wind farm proposal became public knowledge.
  • The community fund is so tiny as to be laughable – if wind power is so good then they shouldn’t need to try and bribe the local community to accept it.
  • I feel powerless in what is supposed to be a democratic process.
  • Should planning permission be granted for 5 this would just be the beginning.
  • The energy they generate is out of all proportion to the benefits they are said to produce.