Wind power is not economically viable without massive subsidies from ordinary users of electricity. That means YOU.

Your electricity bills have increased, and will continue to increase, directly as a result of  these subsidies. This punishes the 6 million people already in fuel poverty. It slows down economic growth. It makes British industry less competitive.

No developer will build wind farms without subsidies. About 40% of wind farm income comes from them. They are costing us about £1 billion a year. They go to large foreign companies and the small number of landowners on whose properties the turbines are sited. In this case, they would go to one wealthy landowner.

But isn’t it worth it? Don’t be deceived by the propaganda. The energy that might be created at Temple Hill might power 817 kettles for a year. But only when the wind is blowing at the right speed. Remember: despite what the wind lobby will try to tell you, there is no evidence that increasing the number of wind farms is reducing national CO2 emissions in the UK or any other country adopting wind energy.

There are many links to articles in our news section explaining the profits wind farms make due to subsidies funded by us and about the increase in our fuel bills because of the rush for wind.