Visual impact

The turbines being proposed at Temple Hill would be 126.5m high. Your house is probably about 7m high. The site is around 500m (one third of a mile) from the nearest houses.

These large structures would dominate and devastate the immediate area, and would be visible in whole or in part from many parts of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

reVOLT has put together an easily downloadable presentation of the visualisations RWE submitted with its planning application so that you can see what the wind farm might look like from various viewpoints: RWE Montages in Powerpoint

An industrial scale development of this size will compromise the visual amenity of this tranquil countryside. Visual amenity is a measure of the visual quality of a site or area experienced by residents, workers or visitors. It is the collective impact of the visual components which make a place pleasant to be in.

As well as the turbines themselves, there is the connection to the electricity grid to consider. Whilst developers talk about possibly burying cables underground, this is an expensive solution and in all likelihood large pylons would need to be build to the nearest high tension lines on the A1 or at Leadenham.

And then there’s the construction and transportation of very large turbine components. How will lorries this size get down our narrow country lanes?

A turbine tower on the move

A lorry transporting turbine components to a wind farm in Northumberland tips over

Fancy this past your house?