The project in detail

The proposal by RWE npower renewables is for an industrial scale wind farm at Temple Hill.  Temple Hill is an area of farmland bounded by the Marston-Stragglethorpe, Brandon-Stubton, Stubton-Dry Doddington and Dry Doddington-Hougham roads in an area of Lincolnshire known as Loveden. 

The proposal is for a wind farm with 5 turbines each 126.5m high. It’s difficult to visualise quite how high that is – so we’ve given some comparisons here. At this size and scale, this would make the turbines visible for 20 miles in all directions including from Bellmount Tower and the viewing platform at Belton House, Belvoir Castle and Lincoln Cathedral.

NIMBY? Next It Might Be You. In other parts of the country, once one wind farm is given the go-ahead it opens the door for other applications to follow – meaning that this proposed wind farm could be the thin end of the wedge and we could see a raft of other applications in the Trent valley. There are lots more potential wind energy developments in the Trent Valley and Vale of Belvoir.

The planning application ref. S13/2699 can be viewed on the South Kesteven District Council website. There are a lot of files on the website, some with very large file sizes, so this index may help you find what you’re looking for: INDEX OF TEMPLE HILL WIND FARM PLANNING APPLICATION FILES