Turbine basics

  • The turbines being proposed for the Temple Hill wind farm are 126.5m in height from base to blade tip, with a hub height of 84m. HOW BIG?!
  • The blade diameter of these turbines is 82m  (a jumbo jet wingspan is 60m)
  • Low evening sun projects a shadow around 4 times the turbine height (i.e. 506m)
  • Industrial structures this big carry aircraft warning (red) lights
  • Sound from a wind turbine can be:
    • Tonal: discrete frequencies such as wind flow over a hole or edge
    • Broadband: the  characteristic “swishing” or “whooshing”
    • Impulsive: thumping caused by the interaction of blades with disturbed air flow around the turbine tower(s)
  • The higher the towers, the further the noise will carry. Watch and listen here.