What will it look like?

See what the wind farm would look like from a place near you. 

Here is a PowerPoint presentation which reVOLT has compiled from the visualisations submitted with RWE’s planning application.

RWE Montages in Powerpoint

The following montages were prepared by reVOLT – no warranty is made nor implied as to the accuracy of these photo montages. Turbine positions are based on RWE’s  original proposal.  

From Grange Lane, Hough:

From Stubton Road:

From Marston:

From Littlegates:

From Caythorpe:

 From Brandon:

From Glebe Farm:

From Dry Doddington:

From Brant Bridge:

From Bellmount Tower (6 turbines visible; one is the existing Frinkley Farm turbine):

From Belton: